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This brand continues to set industry standards through its high-quality products with a wide variety of colors and uses. Regardless of your project and the materials you are using, there is a Krylon paint for you.

Krylon products have hundreds of colors to choose from. Continue navigating the website where you can choose from our wide selection of rust preventative, metallic colors, pastels, safety colors, and clear coatings among many others.

Discover them below! With Krylon spray paint, you can turn any object into a highly-reflective, mirror-like surface. Great for arts, crafts and decorating!

You can use it on chairs, clear glass, cardboard, plastic, and almost any surface! It dries quickly and will create a durable finish on the object of your choosing. Finish off your paint projects with Krylon paint! Krylon fusion will provide a smooth, matte finish to all the surfaces you apply it to. You can use this fusion for plastic, wood, metal, wicker, glass, laminate and ceramic.

Give your chair, night table, or desk a chalky finish or a vintage distressed look with this paint!

Krylon Spray Paint

Make any object turn to gold, for this spray paint has the magic touch! Aside from the aesthetic value, this product provides protection from all external factors. The big button spray tip aids your experience in outdoor painting projects.

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Dries to the touch on wood, metal, wicker, plastic, glass, ceramic, hard vinyl, tile, iron, masonry and laminate. Spray on objects to prevent rust or further corrosion. These spray paints are easy to use on any kind of material.

Krylon paints are specifically designed for indoor and outdoor surfaces, plastics, and metals. There is also a specific line of paints for professional contractors in order to achieve industrial level industry standards. At ThePaintStore. Krylon spray paints are affordable, easy to use, and well-known for yielding high quality, professional-looking results.

We offer many different spray paint products under this brand to provide you with the exact materials that you need. If you are experiencing any difficulties finding anything or have any questions or comments, contact us and our team of experts will assist you. Krylon Multi-Purpose Multi-Purpose aerosol and brush-on paints can be used indoors and out on a variety of surfaces.

Krylon Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint A premium product that bonds to difficult surfaces such as plastics and ready-to-assemble furniture without sanding or priming. Krylon Professional Contractor Professional paints support a complete line of job-specific products specially formulated for the contractor.

Krylon Rust Rust paints are directly applied to metal surfaces to stop and prevent rust. Krylon Special Purpose Special Purpose aerosol and brush-on paints perform a specific function for special surfaces. This product has smooth application with added rust protection. Krylon Spray Paint.See coupon for details.

Only new subscribers will receive the coupon. This program is only available in the U. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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Thanks for Signing Up! Oops, something went wrong! An error has occurred submitting your email. Please try again later. This item has been successfully added to your list. Product Details. This product has smooth application with added rust protection. The easy push big button tip provides the ability to spray at any angle for fast coverage to get your project done. Container Size: 12 oz. Base: Red Oxide. You currently have no favorite stores. Enter ZIP code or city and state. Enter store number Store number must be either four digits or alphanumeric ex: or ALeave chalky finish or distress to create a unique look.

Best Spray Paints for Plastic

This ultra matte finish, non-yellowing top coat can be used to provide added durability to your Chalky Finish projects. Adds a unique, time-worn look to your projects.

Buff to the desired finish to achieve a subtle sheen. This product has smooth application with added rust protection. The easy push big button tip provides the ability to spray at any angle for fast coverage to get your project done. Krylon COLORmaxx Acrylic Crystal Clear provides excellent adhesion, durability and a non-yellowing finish for added protection to a variety of projects. Repositionable Adhesive temporarily and precisely holds lightweight materials, like stencils and photos, in place.

Accelerates dry time and adds extra protection. Farm and Implement delivers long-lasting quality with durability and protection for your toughtest projects. Using a primer helps to ensure that a true and even paint color is achieved on any surface. Fine Art Fixative is a low solid fixative that provides invisible protection to fragile dry media without dissolving whites and lights. Protects against dusting, smudging and fading.

A premium product that bonds to difficult surfaces such as plastics and ready-to-assemble furniture without sanding or priming. This product provides maximum rust protection for all outdoor projects and offers a broad color palette with multiple finishes and sheens for indoors and out.

This product provides maximum rust protection for all outdoor projects. Synthetic artist varnish protects like traditional damar, without the impurities and yellowing. These smooth flowing paint pens are a creative favorite for high-quality, metallic accents on any surface. Low odor formula makes it convenient to spray indoors and extended open tack time allows easy positioning before fully dry. Transform everyday items into surfaces to hold magnets to get yourself organized or just for fun.

From athletic fields to parking lots to underground utility repair, wherever bright, crisp lines and bold markings are required, Krylon marking equipment will do a professional job quickly and easily. Provides a permanent, non-gloss finish which protects art, crafts and valuables. Eliminates light reflection. Dries fast and clear. Seals finished painting projects and acrylic backgrounds for decorative painters. Customize outdoor projects, ranging from concrete pavers to patio furniture, with a satin finsih color palette.

Bright bold colors are easily identified for marking public utilities, survey and construction sites, and more. From a football field to home landscaping, Marking Paint adds durable, bold lines and marks. Quick Dry For Oil Paintings helps speed the oxidation process of oil paints so that a painting will dry faster.

Can be used at any stage of the painting process. The fast drying formula delivers a tough finish that really lasts. Provides a permanent, protective satin finish that will not yellow with age. Moisture-resistant and smudge-proof. Protects art, crafts and valuable. Provides a sophisticated, beach-inspired look with soothing coastal colors to any clear glass surface.After painting a small area, it's not looking so hot.

I am refinishing a wooden side table, and I first sanded it a bit to give the paint something to grab on to. Then I sprayed it with Krylon spray-on primer is this oil-based? In retrospect, maybe I should have laid the primer down a bit thicker, I only did about 2 quick coats.

By this point, the surface was nice and even and seemed ideal for painting. So, I started laying down some Behr latex paint, hi-gloss, and it just didn't look right — it's streaky and uneven. From what I have read, latex can do just fine over an oil primer.

Now I am wondering if I should have done more coats of primer. I don't know what the issue is, but I would like to figure it out before I make more work for myself. Also, I think I will roll-on my next applications, rather than brush.

Best to do more coats, going thin each time than less thicker coats. It is Ok to go over Oil based primer with latex, though I wouldnt. Be more patience. You can't wait only half hour for oil base premier to dry. Thicker coat won't help but worsen the situation as the inner layer can't dry up in time.

You need at least 4 hours for oil base premier to dry totally. You might just seen the surface of coat dry up in short time but not total. Hence the effect is no good.

Krylon: Make It Yours

It is probably streaky looking because you have put a thin layer of paint over darker surface guessing and the color id bleeding through. This should remedy itself when you put another coat of paint on. Answer Save.Recently, my grandson asked me to build him a bookcase and paint it red.

I said I would if he helped. He picked out the paint, red Krylon brush on.

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The paint is easy to work and brush on. Nice leveling action. It is slightly translucent, allowing the grain to show through after 2 coats. The shade of red is not for me, however, my grandson likes it a lot. I have been a professional painter since and this is one of the poorest products I have ever used. There is almost no coverage. I don't know how you can make black or white paint transparent, but Krylon has achieved that.

I used the white on a previously white metal door and after two coats you could still see through it. The red being somewhat transparent I can understand, but this amount is ridiculous. It was almost like it was clear. Don't waste your time with this extremely inferior product. If this could be rated 0 stars, it would. I bought the Satin Black Acrylic Latex and just painted the first coat on my newest project I primed the piece before hand but this paint just wont adhere to the primer.

It's the most watered down paint I have ever used on anything!! I suspect it's going to take 3 or more coats of this to get even coverage but the bigger pain is how watery it is so I am fighting drips all along the way.

I purchased this paint in stain Black, To paint a outdoor sign i just made for my store, 3 coats in and on every coat the new coat takes off the last coat, Lousy coverage, you have to put it on real heavy to cover or its see through. The paint is more like a gel and not a paint at all, I may have to sand it all off. I decided to use this paint to paint my kitchen cabinets. I cleaned the cabinets and followed the directions Never will u throw my money AWAY!!Aquarium Tips.

Painting things that go into the aquarium with your fish can be as tempting as it is scary. Why so many people proclaim Krylon Fusion aquarium safe? Surely, there are plenty of other similar products, such as Rust-oleum, for example. What are some differences when it comes to Krylon VS Rustoleum? Will these spray paints release harmful chemicals in your fish tank eventually? Fortunately for me and youI have this one friend who used to work as a painting contractor.

He has been involved in a couple of boat painting jobs as well. You can probably tell from my poor attempts at crafting the heading pictures for this blog. Anyway, you will be surprised at how many options are there when it comes to fish safe paint.

However, there are a couple of circumstances you should take into consideration when approaching the matter. Different paints will respond to surfaces differently, for example. Paint is considered aquarium safe when:. The only rule for proper usage is waiting out a full cure.

Spray paints designed for plastic will become inert after the curing. A completely cured paint with fully evaporated solvents is aquarium safe.

Never use paints that are mold-resistant as these are toxic to fish. For efficiency, a good rule of thumb is that oil-based products will best stick to glass where water-based products will flake off with time. Latex-based products will break down water-based ones. Acrylic-based products need to be UV-protected. These materials are all hazardous and should be handled with caution during and after application. After bonding with the surface, they become completely inert.

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Many brands such as Valspar, Krylon, Rust-Oleum, and others, offer those. Now, will the paint hold up to your expectations is a different thing. That depends on your project. Any of them, really. Eventually, I developed a liking for Valspar. It serves me the best. Other brands have their advantages too. Rust-oleum and Valspar are more limited in their assortment.Okay so I have heard stories over whether or not to use Krylon or Rust-Oleum.

It seems like there is a battle over which to use. People say Rust-Oleum is more close in terms to color, but a pain to use, and cracking and what not. But Krylon is is better in terms of quality and useablity, but doesnt match the color as well as Rust-Oleum does. So what do guys think? Not sure about the color differences, but Krylon definitely goes on smoother and is less temperamental than Rustoleum.

I have had horror experiences with Rustoleum with a clone build and vowed never to use it again. For general weapon painting I use industrial enamels as I can get those in satin. Krylon is great paint, but for anything I really want to last, Rustoleum is it.

Metal must be bare, clean, degreased, scuffed evenly with grit. If final coats will be glossy, use four light coats of sandable, let dry 72 hours, lightly wet-sand with grit for super-smooth finish.

Use white for lighter colors. Using the Iced Gray Matte Ultra, so four coats, with a grit wet sanding, again for smoothness. Two coats of Gloss Clear, allow to dry completely; apply decals best done on a gloss rather than matte finish. You can post now and register later.

If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Assembly, Mods, and Painting. Search In. Rust-Oleum Which is better?

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Krylon vs. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted March 4, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I know thats nice. One of the reasons I prefer Krylon. What about automotive spray paint? Would that work for this application? Posted March 10, Krylon all day everyday.

Posted June 9, Final two coats of Triple Glaze Clear, as tough as can be found.

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