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There are nearly 50 heroes in Lords Mobile and each of them offers a different kind of play style. Unlocking new heroes and leveling them fast is an important part of this game: The more heroes you have, the more powerful you are.

However, having so many heroes can be confusing, especially for beginners. How to unlock new ones and what to do with them?

In this guide, we are going to answer these questions. Completing elite Hero Stages will award you Hero Medals and you need 10 medals to unlock a new hero, as can be seen below.

Take a look at your city center: You will see a gigantic golden statue in the middle. Click on it. Your hero needs to battle through these stages and achieve all of the goals. If you are a true beginner, you must be in Chapter 1: Take a look at the bottom left corner of this screen to see which stage you are currently in.

Now, each chapter and level has two difficulty levels: Normal and Elite. As can be guessed, you need to play the normal difficulty first. And once you complete an Elite level, you will be awarded Hero Medals. So, basically, complete Elite levels, get Hero Medals and use them to unlock new heroes. Thing is, each hero requires a different type of 10 Hero Medals which can be obtained only through a specific level. You will see a list of all heroes in the game that can be unlocked.

As can be seen on the screen, the Hero Medals required to unlock Rose Knight can only be obtained through Elite levels and If you want this hero, you need to play these levels on Elite difficulty.

Прохождение элитной главы 7-6 на 3 короны \

If the name of a level is greyed-out on this screen, it means you did not unlock the Elite version of that level yet. Complete the normal version of the level first, unlock Elite difficulty, and complete it too to get the Medals required to unlock that specific hero.

Lords Mobile: Normal Hero Stages Guide Chapter 6-8

Once more: You need 10 Medals in total for every hero. There are many ways to level up your hero but some are more efficient than others. Sweeping is related to Hero Stages. This means you can instantly complete it without having to play.

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Just click on the blue sweep button and voila: The level is completed in a second. You will still get the experience, items, and even medals if you swept the Elite version. The good news is, you can allocate the experience points to any hero you want. You guessed it right: Give them to your newly unlocked hero. There are four different types of XP foods in the game and they can give 60 to 7.

Keep using the medals to increase the grade of your hero. There are 5 grades you can upgrade and each grade requires more medals.

For example, upgrading the hero to Rare Grade will require 50 Medals. The only thing that limits you is your stamina: Sweeping requires stamina, and with each sweep, your stamina drops.Lords Mobile has an elaborate system of heroes, that can benefit your game play in various way. This guide explains the hero system. How to play the Hero Game, collect trophies and medals, and considerations which Heroes to include in your Army.

Watch the video on www. In addition there are heroes you can acquire via special events and heroes you can only acquire via purchasing pack. This guide focusses on the free to play heroes. Each hero has its own specific benefits.

All free to play heroes can be unlocked in the hero game that can be accessed via the Golden Statue in your Turf. Battle Skills have effect on your own or enemy troops but there are also non-combat Battle Skills, like Construction Speed boosts. Hero Skills have effect on your heroes. Both type of skills can be unlocked when upgrading your hero to a higher rank.

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It consists of 2 difficulty levels Normal and Eliteeach with 8 chapters, each with 18 stages. You need to complete the Normal stages of a chapter before you can access the Elite stages, and you need to complete a Chapter before you can move on to the next.

Each 3rd stage so stages 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 of a chapter can be replayed and once you have completed it without losing any Hero, it will have three crowns above it, and you can sweep through it.

When clicking on a stage you select the blue or red button on the right to Sweep through it once or many times. Playing or sweeping a stage costs stamina STA.

Note that there is also a limit to the number of daily Braveheart uses specified by your VIP level. This is a bit confusing, it does not actually allow you to recharge your Stamina for free, but it specifies the maximum of times you can recharge your Stamina in one day.

You still need to pay for recharging your Stamina. Unlocking Heroes Heroes are unlocked in the hero game by acquiring medals.

For each hero there are specific stages where you can acquire the medals that are necessary to unlock them. You can find the heroes you still need to unlock in the Heroes menu the Helmet in the menu bar in the second tab with the question mark. By selecting a hero you see the stages the medals drop. You need 10 medals to unlock a hero.

lords mobile chapter 7 6 elite

You can get XP by letting the Hero be part of a team that you use for battle, including in the Hero Game, or you can feed it the XP items you acquire via sweeping through stages of the Hero game. These items can be added via the EXP button at the bottom of the overview of your available Heroes.

Upgrading your heroes will increase their Attributes and improve the effect of Hero Skills.

[Guide Event] Hero stages

There are also minimum XP level requirements for being able to assign certain trophies, necessary to upgrade the Hero's rank. Increasing the Rank of your Heroes You can increase a Hero's rank once you have assigned a trophy to each of the six available trophy slots. These trophies are acquired in the Hero Game. You can click on a Trophy slot, followed by clicking the How to Get button to get an overview of the stages where you can acquire the Trophy. Some Trophies are not acquired directly, but can be fused from other trophies, in such cases you can click through to see where to acquire the necessary component trophies.

When selecting one of the heroes you have already unlocked, you can click on the button with the arrow in the hand under the Medals section to see in which stages you can acquire the medals. This is very helpful to focus your efforts to upgrade the ranks of specific heroes.

Increasing the Grade is not easy, but it is very important as it greatly increases the effect of Battle Skills. Hero Selection As you have unlocked more heroes you get more choices when it comes to which hero to make your leader and which heroes to equip in your team for the Hero Game and for battles.

Note that your Castle level determines how many heroes you can have in your Army, at lvl 17 you reach the maximum of 5.Posted By: John January 27, If you have any questions please leave them down in the comments section and we will try to read them in a timely manner. We hope you enjoy this guide and we hope it helps you! Very straight forward and easy, position Grim in front with the enemies facing away from your party using his MP for the 3rd round. Nothing note worthy here just make sure to use MP to beat that clock.

Save Priestess MP for 2nd round and use on Shade as soon as you start, burn him down first. Burn the adds down as soon as the spawn in the 2nd round. Have full MP for everyone on 3rd part and use at the start, have Priestess stay on Dream Witch and make sure to interrupt her. The 3rd round is really hard, try and use Tracker MP to equal out both guys hp bars and have Shade hop back and forth with his MP. Make sure to save Rose Knights MP specifically for interrupts. Very easy stage again, save Petite Devil MP for the 3rd round when the obelisks spawn.

Final round can be done 1 of 2 ways.

lords mobile chapter 7 6 elite

Make sure you kill the harpy on the 2nd round, stun Watcher when he goes to use MP. Fill your MP before moving on. This should kill her without much effort. Focus on taking out Trickster and Sea Squire during this. Another no healer stage so time for Grim Wolf to really shine, try and position him ahead of Rose Knight using his MP. The 3rd round of this stage is a bit tough, use Grim to position Ethereal Guide away from the party using his MP. The 2nd round of this stage we hit the center group with Witch Doll MP and followed it up right after with Petite Devil MP to try and keep that group clustered for optimal damage.

The 3rd stage is a tight race, just blow Ultimate after Ultimate and try and keep him permanently disabled, save Rose Knight MP for interrupts. Every one of these stages without a tank we just appreciate Grim Wolf so much. Adds will spawn at 55 seconds and kill your party, so kill all enemies before that time. First round make sure to take out Scarlet Bolt asap. Watch for the lift on the Air elemental in the 2nd round.

Earth elemental spawns early in the round, just focus on killing the Fire elemental first then switch to the Earth. This one took a while not gonna lie. First two rounds just try and focus on taking out the back line asap to avoid unnecessary grief from the Air and Water elemental. The 3rd round is tough but as long as you use your stuns for only the ultimate and the heal you will make it through we promise.

There is another Elementalist so be prepared after the first dies. Again make sure to interrupt and everything should be fine. First two rounds take out the tanks asap. The Beatrix Prank obelisks are the stuff of nightmares!Does IGG require all their employees to have mandatory head-banging exercises? Maybe if they used pop-sockets instead of shaky hands, they may have a chance of not shaking their brains out.

Also, get a pop-socket if you want your gameplay to be smooth. If they are lower than that, you will have a very hard time, finishing this stage…. Stage 1: This stage is rather straightforward. Wait until the other Heroes are about to die, and then use Prima Donna to heal them all.

Stage 3: Focus on the boss. Try and use all the ultimate attacks on getting him killed. When the Child of Light is ready to ultimate-attack, obviously include as many enemies as you can, but make sure that the King Fishy Weirdo Sea Squire is stunned as well! Stage 1: If you have low ranking heroes, you can use your ultimate-attacks at the beginning to reduce the number of enemies. Stage 2: Wait a few seconds for the enemy to get close and then use the ultimate attacks ideally use Tracker on the small little monster with the red tops.

When you just have the cannons left, save your ultimate-attacks unless you need them. Try and use all you ultimates at the beginning so that they can replenish by the time the enemy reinforcements come. Make sure that you use Prima Donna as soon as the enemy reinforcements come.

If she is too weak they will kill her as soon as they start attacking. If you have low-level heroes, you may have to try this stage a few times until you get it right…. Stage 1: Use your attacks on the back line of attackers, and make your way to the enemy Child of Light. Stage 2: First attack all enemy heroes that are beside Prima Donna. You will need her to keep saving everyone else! Stage 3: Focus on the Big Tree. If you can get other Child of Lights in why not. Stage 1: Stage 1 is easy.

Try and not use any of your ultimates. Save them for Stage 2. The only one to use is Prima Donna to heal the heroes if needed. Stage 2: Focus all the ultimate-attacks for the enemy monsters standing at the back.

Save your Prima Donna until you really need. When you have only 3 enemy monsters left, start saving your ultimates for Stage 3. Stage 3: Kill all the secondary enemy monsters. Save Rose Knight for last. The best part of this Stage is that you can use your newly minted Rose Knight. Just make sure to bring her up to at least Level 55 or 56 before attempting to win this level. Stage 1: Hit a few of the enemy with ultimates, but towards the end of the stage start saving the ultimates.Send Message.

IGG ID: IGN: NickIsDead - Kingdom 7 Topic: hero stage I believe most of us in this game wanted the hero - rose knight so hard, it is a hero that contain army attack boost, stunning, healing, protection on allies, and tank in one herself, it is a very useful and powerful hero, indeed. But before we can obtain that hero, we must first pass through a lot of stages that will put us into a hard time, and finally even when we reach that stage we still must get full stars from it to get the medal efficiently, unless you don't mind to fight manually instead of one-click finish.

So now here's the problem, what hero line-up can we make to that stage by lv53 if we dont have any cash hero? By having cash heros actually is just to let us to get through early stages easily, but when it comes to elite-6, it will be tough even if you have those cash hero with gold rank.

For example, most of the people with gold rank big guy and petit devil managed to pass elite rose knight with full stars when only they reached lv55 or more you can ask them and stucked in the next stage, Prima Donna, its very rare for them to get through before that level, but if you play smart in the stage, you can pass it with full stars even without them and you're only at lv53 or lv52, but it must be high in rank in this case, or else you'll be one hit KO before you can reach round 3 with all green and white graded hero and some of them not even rank 7, for result, I'm one of the example.

First, to make sure you can reach that stage, here is some hero that I recommend to you to train before we go into the elite-stage 6, which is: 1. Prima Donna Rank 7 - The most powerful healer in the game. Tracker Rank 7 - She is the one of the important hero that all of us will have.

Demon Slayer Rank 7 - Why him? In hero stages, you will met a fairy that will control your hero and make them hit their own allies if you didn't kill it quickly, and this hero will stop that happening. Child of Light Rank 7 - To protect Demon slayer and to get rid of rose knight's ultimate. Oath Keeper Rank 6 - To cancel most of the ultimate and passive skills from stage boss.

Next, after you get these hero trained up, when u reach lv52, normal stage to will not be any problem for you. And by that, make Prima Donna, Child of light, Tracker and black crow to rank 7.

And now its time to get rid of Mighty Rose Knight. Second round, all out to the main target AFTER he heal himself for the 1st time and make sure activated Heals when hp get low. Boss round, as the boss will come back behind of your team after this wave is cleared, use Black Crow's skills to clear creeps and Death Acher's to the boss, active heal if needed. As the boss is soft, it will death easily. Here comes to the 2nd wave, the 2nd boss will be little tougher than the first one, so use Your black crow's ultimate again to low all of their HP and stun them to generate Prima Donna's ultimate, always use tracker's ultimate to boss and death acher's as well.

Second round, Clear all the creeps behind and use heals oftenly. Boss round, as the child of light will keep spawning, ignore it and spam every single skill to the treeman and after him will be the big child of light, make sure you heal before the bar went red.

After that there will be one more big size Child after a bunch of small sized and thats the last target of yours. After that use your tracker to clear long-range creep, spam every skill you have and go in the next round with full HP and skill of the child. Second round, stun the big one with Child of light as opening and use the crow AOE to hit the range on the left. At this moment, your prima donna will be the only target they aim, don't ask me why.

Spam the heal always and dont ever let it stop. Repeat the same thing until there is the big one left, keep Oath keeper and Child's Stun for boss round.Send Message. Gawaingod's Hero strategy guide. Good guide! My suggestion for the notable enemies is to include the tiny no pun intended Child of Light from Elite Chapter If you don't kill them fast they will heal the other guys and you will run out of time.

Chapter is the only chapter I had problems with. Thanks for the tip. Hit me up if you plan to come back. When the boss level, higher lvl or lo w lvl that we are going to attack Or sweep??

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This is really good. Will use your suggestions tomorrow as I'm on that chapter and can't get past it. Representing the qualities 24 Hour Fitness values determination, hard work, persistence, and a positive attitudethese sports super stars are role models and living proof of the benefits of exercise and good health. In24 Hour Fitness became the first official fitness center sponsor for U. Olympic Teams, offering grants to help Olympic hopefuls follow their dreams and upgrading Olympic Training Centers across the country.

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You'll find a wide range of exercise options and equipment, complete modern facilities and amenities, and a professional staff to help you achieve your goals in record time. Thread User. Moderator: 3bdel7 paparuazi. Total: Gawaingod's Hero strategy guide The key reason to progress in the heroic stages are to do well in the Colosseum.

There are 2 parts to heroic stages - Normal and Elite Normal cost 6 stamina and is mainly for getting trophies to equip your hero and increasing their rank. Elite stage cost 12 stamina and is mainly for getting medals to increase your heroes grade. Each grade increase the base stats of the hero.

Each of us will have a different set of heroes. So there isnt really a best set-up, only certain tactics which will help you choose the best set-up with the heroes available to you. Importance of boss level The bosses level will determine the hit rate of your heroes condition skills stun, freeze, -def, etc Notable enemies Make sure kill them 1st as they can cause you to lose the match.

They are mini versions but not exactly weak either. If you dont kill them fast enough, your teams damage will be spread out over the 8 child of lights and you will time will be up before you can kill them all. Tactics As a general rule, just use 1 tank, 3 damage dealers, 1 healer. This will get you all the way from chapter to chapter By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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lords mobile chapter 7 6 elite

It only takes a minute to sign up. I know that in Lords Mobile to hire Rose Knight I need to unlock elite level and collect tokens or medals for hiring the hero.

Currently, I am in level So, what is the quickest way to unlock the hero? Where I need to focus for that purpose. The quickest way to unlock that hero is to rush your kingdom to level Then build a team composition to counter that elite boss. It's highly recommended that your team consists of 2 stunners, one tank, one damage dealer, and one healer.

I also suggest that your heroes are at least level 50 before attempting the dungeon. Levels do matter! You need heroes of level 50 Deployment One stunner Child of light. Two damage dealers Tracker and Black Crow. Two healers Primma Donna and Sea Squire. In first round use skills or Primma Donna and Black Crow. In second round use all the skills In third round stun rose knight before justice call and don't give any chance for shield throw.

Lords mobile chapter 7 6 elite

Note-Sea Squire and Black Crow are compulsory. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What is the quickest way to unlock the Rose Knight? Ask Question.

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